Sergey Akhunov, a Russian composer, was born in Kiev in 1967.

        A graduate of the Kiev State Conservatory, S. Akhunov started as an oboe player and worked in different genres, including electronic music       and Rock n roll. In 2005 he made a decisive break from these genres and devoted himself to orchestral and chamber music.

       As he said – “it has taken me almost 40 years to understand what kind of music I really want to write”

       A  list of Sergey Akhunov's musical works includes a great number of compositions for chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras.   

       He is  prize-winner of 1-st International Classical Music Award “Pure Sound” for “Victor Hugo’s blank page” audio recording   

       In 2017 his CD Sketches was nominated on prestigease Inrernational classical music award.

       In the 2017 The CD “In Schubert’s company” became a Gramophone critic choice.

      Akhunov's music is published on Fancymusic, Alfa classics, Melodya, Onyx etc.  Future releases include Songs & Poems composed for ensemble of baroque    music LA VOCE STRUMENTALE  under the Spanish-German label Glossa.

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